Symphony of the Hills Association, Inc. Operating Teams and Roles: 2016-2017 Season

Executive Committee: Dr. Tim Summerlin, John Kissick, Ray Baldwin, Barbara von Brandt-Siemers. Cayce McCormick, Mary Muse, Dr. Eugene Dowdy, Warren Ferguson


  • Leader: Dr. Eugene Dowdy
  • Team Members: Michael Kahl, Jim Adams, Tim Summerlin, Maria Bowser
  • Focus: musical program, music acquisition, rehearsals & concerts, performer securing and communication, oversight of orchestral related staff


  • Leader: Barbara von Brandt-Siemers
  • Team members: Tim Summerlin, Warren Ferguson (budget); Ed Wallace, Dewayne Bannister, Jim Adams, Fred Lohmeyer (fundraising)
  • Focus: budget, financial operations & accounting, compliance, oversight of administrative support staff


  • Leader: John Kissick
  • Team members: Ray Baldwin, Bill Rector
  • Focus: media, promotion & PR, audience development, oversight of media and design contractors

Member Services

  • Co-leaders: Cayce McCormick (concert logistics oversight) and Mary Muse (ticketing oversight)
  • Team members: Janet McKinney, Ray Baldwin, Bill Rector, Deidra Harmer, Jeff Sirianni (concerts); Jane Porter, Tim Summerlin (ticketing); Jim Adams (programs); Deidra Harmer, Janet McKinney, Michael Kahl, Jane Porter, Tim Summerlin (children’s concert)
  • Focus: concert logistics, children’s concert, ticketing, fundraising & sponsorships

Management Support

  • Leader: Dr. Tim Summerlin
  • Team members: Ray Baldwin (recording secretary); Warren Ferguson (website)
  • Focus: strategy, planning & operations, communication, membership, website and oversight of web contractor

The orchestra is operated by the Symphony of the Hills Association, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Photographs by  Jeffrey Sirianni, Aaron Yates and Jim Adams, unless otherwise noted.

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