Symphony of the Hills MISSION

Now in its 16th season the Symphony of the Hills truly lives up to its name, as the Orchestra creates the harmonies that flow from…through…and for…all lovers of music in the Texas Hill Country.

Our MISSION is to provide inspiring and enriching symphonic music to audiences throughout the Texas Hill Country, with an emphasis on expanding music appreciation and developing the musical talents of young people throughout the community.



The Orchestra is led by Dr. Eugene Dowdy, Conductor & Artistic Director, Dr. Daniel Kobialka, Concert Master and Dr. Jay Dunnahoo as Conductor Emeritus. They are consummate professionals, with a combined total of 137 years of orchestra leadership experience. Concerts are performed in Kerrville’s Cailloux Theater for the Performing Arts.

The Orchestra’s 75 professional musicians, partnering with the Schreiner University Music Department, have performed a wide range of great music and enabled the Symphony of the Hills to make an extraordinary contribution to the quality of life in the Texas Hill Country. With four classical concerts and one Pops concerts each season, as well as two free concerts for more than 1600 3rd and 4th graders and their teachers each season, this contribution is real and measurable.

The accomplished Symphony of the Hills musicians, in addition to teaching at Schreiner University they mentor, coach, and privately teach music to hundreds of children and adults each year throughout our community. Numerous talented high-school music students have been able to attend college and receive scholarships due to of their

participation in the Symphony of the Hills Orchestra. There they learned a number of important skills and attributes, including self-reliance, creativity, risk-taking and cooperation.

Studies have shown that exposure and participation in music enhances brain development, improves grades and SAT scores, reduces drug and alcohol abuse, and increases graduation rates and college participation. In addition, we know that that economically successful communities need an innovative workforce as well as diverse cultural amenities, such as a symphony orchestra, to attract new business investment.

The Orchestra is governed by The Symphony of the Hills Association, Inc. whose Board of Directors comprises community leaders and educators. This board is an all-volunteer, working board and each of the directors has specific responsibilities and duties. The costs of operations are covered through ticket sales, patron donations, business sponsorships, program advertising, foundation gifts, and specific grants.


The orchestra is operated by the Symphony of the Hills Association, a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Photographs by  Jeffrey Sirianni, Aaron Yates and Jim Adams, unless otherwise noted.

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