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Dear Friends in music,

  The task of selecting the repertoire to be included in tonightís program celebrating the great music of the 20th century was most enjoyable, but certainly not simple. One hundred years is a very long time, especially when we take into account the technical advances that contributed to the widespread distribution of popular music during this time. At the beginning of the 20th century, places like Tin Pan Alley produced popular music printed for piano and voice. The advent of disc recordings and radio broadcasts further added to the availability of music for the masses. Things got even easier to enjoy music when tape recordings and compact discs made playing music of individual tastes in our homes and automobiles very accessible. Today, we enjoy music digitally by way of iTunes and YouTube and there is a tremendous amount of music from which to choose.

          Jay B. Dunnahoo, Ed.D.
      Conductor and Artistic Director


   Being an amateur historian, I have chosen to program our 20th century selections in chronological order. It will allow us to compare the many and wide spread musical and cultural changes which have occurred during the past century. Itís a long way musically and culturally from George M. Cohan, by way of Duke Ellington and Paul McCartney, to Michael Jackson.

  Sit back, relax, and let us take you on a music journey celebrating an exciting century.

All the best!

Jay Dunnahoo, Ed.D.

Conductor and Artistic Director

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